Who We Are

We Are a Small and Medium Business Solutions Service

SMB Workify is a small to medium business consulting service.  We offer simple and effective business services and solutions for small and medium businesses in the East Texas, Deep East Texas, and North Texas markets.  Our consulting services focus specifically on Human Resources and Information Technology services, with targeted priority on the organization’s business operations.  We keep it easy, straightforward, while never losing sight of our unwavering commitment to integrity and customer appreciation.

Sometimes businesses need an outside perspective to identify the problem and find the solution.  Our team collaborates with organizations to target and strategize the most effective and efficient action plan. We partner with each individual in order to implement the solution to ensure optimal results are achieved.  Our experienced team has over 25+ years in various industries with tried-and-true capability.  We pinpoint the obstacles that are weighing the business down that have been hindering its ability to grow.

Our team will provide proven strategies, clearly defined goals and objectives, action plans, and counsel.  We offer one-on-one consultation with our knowledgeable and experienced team in order to identify the challenges you face and determine the best course of action to get your company growing and profitable, operating at its full potential.  We provide focus and accountability to ensure the project does not run aground.

Our team has demonstrated expertise in the following:

Information Technology: Software Programming Design and Implementation, LAN and WAN Architecture, Storage Server Solutions, Data Center Management, Website Design and Management

Human Resources: Talent Acquisition and Recruiting, Employee Retention, Workforce Planning and Development, Employment Law, Federal Regulatory Compliance, Employee Handbook, Policy Development, Procedure Development, and Employee Records Keeping